The History of Tea

Although it is often thought of a quintessentially British drink, it is more likely that tea found its origins in China.

Very little is known about the true origins of tea. However, one legend has endured. It is believed that Shen Nung, the emperor of China more than 5000 years ago, was known as a skilled artist and scientist. In order to improve sanitation across China, he required everyone to boil all drinking water. During a visit to a rural area of China, he stopped with his court to rest and called his servant to bring him water. While resting and enjoying his drink, a gust of wind blew leaves from a nearby plant into the water, turning the liquid an amber colour. An inquisitive scientist, Shen Nung decided to experiment with the water and drank the infusion. He found the drink to be refreshing, and tea was born.

Hannah Houston