The Hand Blended Advantage

We are proud to say that Ambr teas are all hand blended in small batches. The benefits of our artisan process of making tea is that we do not use any machines in the process of blending the ingredients of our teas and therefore our tea leaves are not bruised. Our teas have been expertly blended by our master tea blender Alex Probyn.  Alex has many years of experience of blending teas having worked for some of the largest tea companies in the world.


Why is hand blending so important? 

Not every tea is created the same. Many larger companies mass produce their tea, meaning that the delicate leaves can be bruised in the process. This can result in a bitter taste, commonly associated with mass produced green tea. Here at Ambr, we only use the highest quality leaves and ingredients, blended by hand to ensure the best taste and experience. 

All of our teas are small batch hand blended, differing from the usual cement method of blending tea, which helps maintain the natural oils in the leaves and avoids the leaves becoming bruised and damaged.   

If you're new to loose leaf tea, don't worry! All of our teas come with instructions on how to brew your perfect cuppa, depending on the blend you choose. Now you know everything you need to know, what are you waiting for? Start shopping now

Hannah Houston